Euraxess Hubs, Gender Equality Plans!

Lutemi gjeni si më poshtë tre njoftime të ndryshme nga AKKSHI, të cilat lidhen me zbatimin e Strategjisë Kombëtare për Shkencën, Teknologjinë dhe Inovacionin, 2017-2022 (pjesa Euraxess) dhe Gender Equality Plans.


1) Hapat mbi regjistrimin dhe publikimin e vendeve të punës për Stafet Akademike në Portalin Euraxess.


2) Euraxess Hubs, Mentoring Programme (Zhvillimi i Karrierës për Kërkuesit Shkencor).


3) Workshop on Gender Equality Plans (GEP), datë 27 Janar 2022, (Planet e Barazisë Gjinore në Kërkimin Shkencor).


Ps, GEP do të bëhen të detyrueshme për të gjitha Institucionet Publike/Private, që do të aplikojnë në Horizon Europe.

Workshop-i, organizohet nga Universiteti i Tiranës. Të interesuarit mbi këtë event, do të njihen nga afër mbi procesin e aplikimit dhe implementimin të Gender Equality Plans.


Linku regjistrimit:


Euraxess Hubs, Mentoring Programme (Researchers Beyond Academia)


REBECA by EURAXESS  (REsearchers BEyond aCAdemia) is a mentoring programme for researchers who want to explore careers beyond the academic pathway.

The REBECA by EURAXESS programme will put in contact academic researchers at early career stages with mentors of diverse disciplines, working
at research and development, communication or project management within the private sector, the public administrations or non-governmental organizations. These mentors and mentees will have the opportunities to exchange their professional views, expectations, opportunities and next steps to pursue careers outside of academia.

This edition runs across the entire EURAXESS initiative, a network dedicated to supporting the mobility and the professional development of researchers in Europe. REBECA aims at connecting mentors and mentees from different countries.

The pair meetings and other planned events will start at the beginning of January 2022. In 6 virtual sessions, mentees will be able to reflect about their professional opportunities together with a professional related with R&D or science outside of academia.

The applications must be submitted through this online platform.

For more information, please visit the EURAXESS portal.




Gender Equality Plans

Universitetit te Tiranes i eshte besuar organizimi i Workshopit Nderkombetar i projekit LeTSGEPs ne muajin Janar 2022 dhe sapo është finalizuar Axhenda dhe Lista e folesve.

The LeTSGEPs (“Leading Towards Sustainable Gender Equality Plans in Research Performing Organisations”) Horizon 2020 project has the pleasure to invite You to the International Stakeholders Workshop “Improvement of women’s careers prospects and gender balance in decision-making bodies in research organisations”, to be held on 27 January, 2022, from 11.00 to 13.10 CET, on the Zoom platform.

LeTSGEPs project supports the design and implementation of Gender Equality Plans (GEPs) in higher education and research institutions throughout Europe. We believe that GEPs can play one of the key roles in achieving gender equality in science and innovation as they define concrete objectives and measures on an individual, cultural and structural level, aimed to ensure lasting and sustainable effects.

As a powerful instrument of detecting factors that make gender inequality persistent within institutions, besides the Gender Equality Plan, LeTSGEPs fosters the use of Gender Budgeting (GB), since budgets reflect real policy commitments. Gender equality plans and programs will succeed if accompanied with related specific fund allocation for the policy targets, and if the programs enacted are evaluated in terms of their gender equality impact by means of gender budgets leading to what we can define as more sustainable and powerful GEPs.

The international workshop is thought to be a brainstorming event where researchers and experts will present the results of their studies on how to implement Gender Equality Plans to support women’s careers and gender balance in decision-making bodies.

Please find attached to this email the detailed agenda of the workshop and a short intro sheet of our speakers.

This workshop is free of charge and open to all, but registration is required in this link. Please, register by January 25th. You will receive the link to the meeting via e-mail the day before the event.




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