Global Postdoctoral Fellowship Opportunity

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology ( në Arabinë Saudite ofron:

As the main contact point for mobility and/or research activities we would like to bring to your attention this highly competitive international fellowship Program for postdoctoral researchers ( at KAUST (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology) ( 

The Global Fellowship call 2021 is funding 3-year research projects across the five KAUST research pillars, under two strands:

1. Strand: Research projects falling within or across one or more of the five research pillars ;
2. Strand : Research projects on hydrogen production and storage solutions across one or more of the five research pillars.

We are looking for talented early career researchers (with up to 4 years of post-PhD experience) with breakthrough ideas keen to venture in a 3 years journey to produce excellent independent research with the support of our internationally renowned Faculty.

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